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  Why women suffer more from Digestive Diseases?  Please read the short article by former President of Amer.College of Gastroenterology about WOMEN GI HEALTH:   http://s3.gi.org/patients/gihealth/pdf/women.pdf  

  Please click on it and read 4 pages and then call us ASAP.We understand women GI problems.



    Now offering Lower cost Colonoscopy option in our accredited office facility with Certified Nurses/Anesthesiologist for your benefit and convenience.

      Screening rate in Illinois is among lowest group of states and death rate is highest according to CDC. One reason we have heard--it is too expensive.

             Well no more-Please call us.

  Please see this Video interview on ABC news-George with Katie.Katie took along her friend KIM-age 50, also for Colonscopy.Doctor  found a big size cancerous Polyp.Katie had no polyp.


 WE HAVE PROVIDED many URL's to let you know that every statement comes from reliable sources.We urge you to listen to Dr.OZ Video with Larry King on Colon Cancer. WOMEN HEALTH MAGAZINE article of March,2015 is very important for women.Also ACG article on Women suffering IBS-2-6 more than men from Past President of ACG--used to work at Mayo Clinic is a MUST reading for IBS.








     Call Tel.# 630 232 2025

           for  24/7 days service.


   "Patients Choice Award" & "Compassionate Doctor Award" to Dr.Mullick/Staff.


    Hello,  Did you know that everyday 7-10

     persons die in Illinois from Colon Cancer.Source is Illinois Govt.data on Colon Cancer.We took annual data and divided by days.

                Did you know that 25 % of people over 50 have Polyps that are source of Colon Cancer? You could be one of four--as odds are 1 in 4.Reference can be found on Dr.OZ Video-where he told Larry King that 25% over 50 have Polyps. There are other sources also.


    Did you know that these deaths are



    Almost all--Yes,almost all are Preventable.


     These 7-10 deaths daily--because they did not get Colon Cancer screening on time.

Below is a story of 4 women survivors-these women are from 28-38 yrs.old-one lives in Chicago. It is NOT-an old man's disease. It affects 47000 women a year. Thanks for reading: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/colon-cancer-survivors

This article published in March,2015 has references to latest data and Texas Cancer -MD Anderson-top rated recent study-which is alarming on what they found using different sources data/analytics.PL>READ the WOMENHEALTHMAGAZINE article


        Here are some Myths:

   1)Colon cancer kills people with family history--- TRUE

    2) It does not kill healthy people--False

                 Dr.OZ is perfectly healthy-has a TV show-- Dr.Oz.

         He had cancerous polyp at age 50.

 He strongly recommends:Screening ASAP.

 He told Oprah Winfrey-Get screening.

     3) Colon Cancer kills people over 50-False

         Jonathan William Groetsch died at 26 yr.age.Read the story in www.coloncancercoalition.org Get your rear in gear has merged with this organization.

         Dr.Mullick is a volunteer doctor for this cause--to save lives.

      4) Then why insurance pays for over 50?It is based on cost/benefit.Less people under 50 die from colon cancer.

    People under 54 who got Colon Cancer were 19%--People over 54 are 81%.

         Insurance only pays for people under 50 if they can prove that they have family history or having problems that their doctor thinks -need to be checked out with Colonoscopy.

         Well when you have problem--you may have early stage of Colon Cancer.

          The best choice is to screen early--and get POLYP REMOVED in COLON.

        That is why we are offering affordable price for people under 50 with no symptoms.

        5) Did you know more women under 55 die than men from Colon Cancer?  True

         6) Did you know more women die than men from colon cancer?  It varies:

         This is true in Kane,Mchenry,Cook counties .Not true in Dupage county.

         7) Is it based on factual data?  Yes

         8) Why these dealths?

                50% of people have not had colon cancer screening.

          9) Is it due to pain? We offer painless Colonoscopy.

           10) 25% of all people above 50 have Polyps--that are the source of Colon Cancer.So YOU could be one of them-1 in 4 odds.   

PLEASE hear Dr.Oz tell Larry King on CNN


 This reference provides Dr.OZ comments on Polyps.

            We urge YOU to get screening ASAP.


      Pass this word to all-Help save                       50,000 deaths every yearSource: CDC,and others.


     Did you Know?

         1) Colon Cancer is easy to detect early and removed.

         2) Other cancers-pancreatic or Esophageal or gastric and liver are difficult to detect early,but Dr.Mullick has additional training like ERCP, EUS and extensive work at Cleveland Clinic as well as Univ.of Virginia Digestive Hospital(where Nobel prize winner for Ulcer detection/treatment worked for a while).He is perhaps one of the best expert for these cancers. Please read below.




  Dr.Mullick is the only one in this area to receive Governor's award for Cancer Research done at the Cleveland clinic from 1999-2002 from ACG.

    If concerned about Colon,Liver,Stomach,Pancreas,Esophagus


    Call us at 630 232 2025 immediately.

          Early detection is the best--least costly treatment. 

           In this area,we spend more time educating and spreading the message by sponsoring Foxriver5K,Get your rear in gear

             WHY   ?

 Reduce death rate-- 10 people dying every            day from these cancers in Illinois. 

      We need your support.


 Pl.read: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=739793  Message from a ICE HOCKEY manager with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.







        READ MORE

FYI about other services-Gastrointestinal Cancers from the best source-ACG  http://patients.gi.org/topics/gastrointestinal-cancers/




 Irritable Bowel Syndrome  www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/irritable-bowel-syndrome/basics/definition/CON-20024578     IBS affects 50 millon Americans with women suffering twice than men.So 33 mil.women suffer from IBS. Like Inflamatory Bowel disease-IBD -young persons suffer more. We try our best to find out whether it is IBD or IBS or something else.Like any disease,Patient-doctor effort helps tailor make proper treatment for each person.This is especially true for IBS.IBS is a lifelong disorder with many factors affecting the patient. Mayo Clinic article explains it well.









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